Water Flowing on the Cliffs of Mars

It is quite exciting that NASA announced today scientists found evidence of water flowing on the cliffs of Mars. Satellite images released today identified narrow streaks appearing on the slopes of summer mountains which are formed during warm seasons but fades when temperatures are cooler.

Twitter hastags #NASA and #MarsAnnouncement has stirred up excitement with an unexpected cynicism. Trolls seems to have a good time asking stupid questions and making jokes about possible life form at Mars. NASA scientists also answer questions on liquid water discovery during Reddit AMA. Some of the important questions of this Q&A:

Q: Why should the average Joe care about this? What does this mean for science and space exploration?
A: Liquid water, even if very salty, is still a good place to look for life forms. We don’t know how robust Martian life (if it exists) could be.
Also, water in any form is a resource that future missions could exploit. – Rich Zurek

Q: With the discovery of water on Mars does that mean there could be rainbows on Mars?
A: Not quite rainbows, because there is no rain, but we have seen icebows with the Pathfinder mission. – Rich Zurek

Q: Is NASA now considering putting a man on Mars to get more data on this or can we find all the information without having a man/woman on Mars?
A: The basic answer is yes, NASA is planning to send humans to Mars in the 2030s. It’s always helpful to have more information before sending them, and that’s why our robotic explorers are so important. – Leslie Tamppari

What is next?

It is explained by the scientists that the next step will be looking for more locations where brine flows may occur. Only covering 3% of entire Mars, they will have to keep getting more high resolutions to study such features on the planet.