Small Change Big Difference

Cordaid is a global firm that also specializes in crisis assistance and elimination of poverty. They are found in multiple states, and any advertising campaign that was released would have lots of people viewing it. In 2007, with this effort, Cordaid People in Need compared the cost of extravagance or a designer thing to accessibility to clear water and went to Africa in a campaign worked with Saatchi & Saatchi called “Small Change Big Difference”. The daring comparison involving the villager as well as the designer thing gets people get sucked in. The best thing relating to this advertising is its easy way to solve the problem of poor accessibility to water resources.

This advertisement favorably inspires individuals to take actions on a problem which impacts a large number of men and women. Even though it makes people a little unpleasant to look at the ad, it reminds folks their lives may be altered with just somewhat help as well as there are individuals in need. Additionally, it brings light to a problem in a way that is creative that folks from every continent can connect with.

The pictures are still out there, online although this campaign hasn’t been officially rolled out for eight years.  They are now being discovered by organizations and individuals from all over the world & shared thousands of times. Given that this “old” effort is now unwittingly going “viral”, you can find the campaign pictures below:




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