Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect and this is it. Like in anything else in the world such as work, sports, cooking etc, you can’t expect to become a brilliant performer overnight, but practice does make perfect. As practice contributes greatly to our understanding of learning and memory, the result of later works is always rewarding.  Nature and nurture are very interlaced and as as a result both practice and natural talent determine the expertise and excel in drawing performances of the artists. It seems that 10,000-hour rule is very important: In 1993, Anders Ericcson, a Swedish professor of psychology who was recognized as one of the world’s leading academicians in his field, introduced the 10,000-hour rule. It basicly suggests that all people who are at the top of their fields tend to spend at least 10,000 hours of deliberate practice beforehand.

By looking at the  contrast between the before and after drawings below, we find the differences ‘stunning’.