Politicians Discussing Global Warming

In 2011, Spanish street artist Isaac Cordal presented an installation called Follow the Leaders which exhibited in different locations such as Berlin, Milan, Brussels and London. The artwork is the tiny sculptures usually submerged into water which then recontextualized  into climate change and global warming. The tiny figures placed in disturbing urban places representing the cruel business world running the brutal capitalism.

One of the most famous images from his series exhibited in Berlin has gone viral later in 2014, so called ‘Politicians discussing global warming’:


Although it wasn’t really called ‘Politicians discussing global warming’, this title just fit into context and Isaac Cordal used similar context in his work afterwards. In 2012 and 2013, exhibitions in Belgium and France followed. Isaac Cordal called his series ‘Waiting for climate change’.

DSC09858 DSC09151

resized_IMG_3221 resized_IMG_3195

More examples from his work can be found here (image credits).