People of Papua New Guinea


Trey Ratcliff is a fine art and travel photographer as well as an author. He posts photographs on his website called StuckInCustoms from the places he travels around the world.

He is focused on the field of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography which enables the artist to create a color and light palette beyond the normal aperture and shutter speed of the basic shot. Many other photographers are inspired by his HDR tutorial available on his website.

In 2007, Ratcliff’s 2 HDR images won the 4th Annual Smithsonian Magazine Contest; ‘A macaque monkey sits on a wall in Kuala Lumpur’ and ‘The 4th of July on Lake Austin’. The Smithsonian Institute added these photographs in its gallery, and made Ratcliff the first photographer to exhibit HDR images at Smithsonian museum.

He has published his new series, People of Papua New Guinea, Part 3 just recently. He explains this series as: “One of the tribes from the high jungle mountain areas paints themselves like undead spirits to scare the other tribes away. Everyone here is quite superstitious and a lot of their free time is spend exchanging legends and stories. The tribe spends hours painting one another to make sure their spirit-bodies are seen from as far away as possible.”