10 Cool Gadget Ideas

These following cool and geeky gadgets will be a great gift for the next father’s day, birthday or anniversary for your loved ones, especially if they have a good taste in design & are a follower in technology.

1. Printing Toast

Designed by Othmar Muhlebach, this toaster operates like a desktop ink-jet printer as it “prints out” your bread slices as it toasts them. Get it here.


2. iPod Earphone Pendants

The sterling silver necklace is designed by Nathan Thomas which is a perfect replica of iPod earbuds and it makes the perfect gift for music lovers. You can get it here.


3. Start Up Mug

Waiting for a cup of coffee? Start with a start up mug which is available here.


4. NotePod

You can get this NotePod here.


5. Pantone Printed Leather Chair

You can get this amazing chair here.


6. iPod Bedding

Are you a crazy fan of iPhone or Blackberry? Well, this iPod bedding is perfect for you. It is available here.


7. iSoap

The iPhone Soap is roughly the same size as the actual iPhone with the black button at the bottom and the ‘screen icons’ in its ‘flat screen’. It is available here.


8. BookBook

BookBook is a totally unique case for the thinnest of MacBooks. It is designed exclusively for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina display. You can get it here.


9. Thanko USB Warm Gloves

Girls, do not worry about getting your hand cold in winters while typing on your laptop because here is a USB Warm Gloves that features heat generators to keep your hand warm. You can get it here.


10. iPod Nano Cassette Cases

This iPod nano cassette case is made from old cassette tapes which is designed by Contexture Design, a creative duo based in Vancouver, Canada. You can get it here.



via Designer Daily