Chinese Man Dangerously Working Up In The Air

Leave it to China and they for sure make the most unimaginable projects a reality. In Pingjiang county, Hunan Province, they are building a tourist attraction: a walkway between the mountains. The area is apparently already a top tourist destination in China with famous mountains and beautiful terrain. Now,  Chinese man are dangerously working up in the air for a new project.

New glass bridge will be hanging thousands of feet above the ground. The walkway is already well known due to safety conditions of workers as photographed couple months ago. As they have no security measures such as a rope or catching net, it is quite nerve wrecking  to watch them carrying heavy planks of wood or pushing wheelbarrows around.

Most the workers are apparently experienced as China has similar glass walkways for quite some time now. They even claim that their job is not as dangerous as it seems; perhaps the key is the construction helmets.

Not sure who would be brave enough to take a walk on China’s glass walkways, certainly do not look down and keep your head up. Pictures from the ‘bridge impossible’ are below:


01 - Chinese workers 02 - Chinese workers 03 - Chinese workers 04 - Chinese workers 05 - Chinese workers 06 - Chinese workers 07 - Chinese workers 08 - Chinese workers 09 - Chinese workers 10 - Chinese workers 11 - Chinese workers

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